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Now you can get the support you crave, deepen your knowledge, implement learning, and meet with peers and seasoned professionals at an affordable price. This live, small group coaching program will accelerate professional growth for HAES aligned healthcare professionals interested in Weight Neutral Diabetes Care, Mindful Eating, Motivational Interviewing, and Disordered Eating counseling.

How This Coaching Community Works

You will choose your coaching themes. These topics are offered in both a concentrated or year-long format. More extended coaching programs are focused on continuous support and growth, where shorter, more concentrated coaching programs are focused on understanding and applying learning concepts of a specific topic.

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Is Coaching Right for You? 

  • It is ideal for someone who has had structured education in an area and is looking for support to deepen their knowledge and practice.
  • Coaching assumes the student has existing knowledge and has a desire to utilize their knowledge and skills more effectively.
  • Coaching believes the student would benefit from accountability and feedback to enhance current professional efforts.
  • Coaching assumes the student values learning from their peers.
  • Coaching helps the professional use their resources and find opportunities to grow while identifying ways to overcome the expected resistance to weight inclusive diabetes care.

Enroll in The WN4DC Symposium Coaching Community Program 

  • Select a topic and enroll in the WN4DC Symposium Coaching Community  
  • Your enrollment may be a single 'session', which is 4, 90-minute meeting blocks providing 6 CPE. 
  • A double 'session' which is 8, 90-minute meeting blocks providing 12 CPE. 
  • All coaching sessions are offered in small groups with less than ten other professionals. 
  • Sessions can be scheduled within a trimester, or extend into other trimesters, offering a year-long coaching experience. 
  • Each session also includes access to the open community coaching program. 
  • The open community coaching sessions are 60-minute blocks that focus on how we can use our existing resources to promote health equity. 

The WN4DC Symposium coaching community enrollment opens Dec 7th 2020 and Early Bird Discounts Open on Dec 7- 20th, 2020. They are available on a First-Come-First-Serve basis.

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