WN4DC and WN4DC Symposium are sister organizations. We believe the 4 Core Values represent the principle actions we are committed to embodying as community members and as healthcare providers. These actions are foundational because they help move our culture and healthcare system towards not only a weight inclusive paradigm, but a more just and accessible system, which ultimately improves healthcare and well-being for more people. Reducing barriers to care such as weight stigma, and marginalization of bodies based on race, age, gender, size, ability or diagnosis are broader goals we are committed to doing our best as we all continue to learn along the way.

The culture of WN4DC is one that aims to build professional opportunity for learning and adjustment to what may be new or different. We strive to provide valuable, relevant training and expand your sense of what it means to be a caring professional for persons with diabetes.

We believe in working to connect providers in what can often feel like a system made of many islands with few bridges. Therapists, doctors, social workers and dietitians alike need to work together and align on key approaches for the betterment of our patients’ care. This is why the WN4DC group and symposium are open to any caring professional who is interested in learning how to deliver weight-neutral and HAES-informed care.

We are a business that is run by humans. To embrace our failings we welcome constructive feedback which identifies opportunities for improvement. Our goal is to lean into the challenges and limitations we face along the trajectory of professional development and support each other, lift each other up, and help expand the weight-inclusive paradigm throughout.

Vision: To decrease the disease burden of people with diabetes by addressing health inequity caused by weight bias and weight stigma.

Mission: Provide professionals with scientific evidence, research, rational AND to assist in larger organizations (ADA, ADCES, CDC, CMS etc) in reducing weight stigma in diabetes care.

Goal: Is to educate institutions and healthcare professionals on the benefits of weight neutral approaches in diabetes care to support the prevention, care and treatment of individuals with diabetes.

The WN4DC Team

The WN4DC Team includes:

  • Megrette Fletcher - Owner
  • Tracy Vasquez - Coordinator
  • Holly Paulsen - Weight Neutral for Diabetes Care Coach
  • Erica Lewis - WN4DC Symposium

If you have any questions please reach out to us at [email protected] or [email protected]