15 Questions and Answers about the WN4DC Symposium Coaching Program

  • Q: When does the Early Bird Discount end? A: August 31, 2020. In September, a single session will be $199, and a double session will be $399.
  • Q: How long are the coaching sessions? 90-minute. A single session has 4, 90-minute blocks, and a double session has 8, 90-minutes blocks.
  • Q: What is the private community? A: The coaching program has a private community similar in looks and feels to Facebook. This community has sections where the whole community can come together and interact, share, and post questions. There are also private groups that are limited to the ten people in each coaching group. This group can be accessed via your emails. The community will be a hub of information for all coachees.
  • Q: Why can only ten people join a coaching session? A: The strict limits allow for each individual to talk, share, and connect. It also provides a safe space for you to be real and honest about your struggles and successes.
  • Q: What are the different coaching programs? A: Each coaching program has a theme. There are four themes: Mindful Eating and Diabetes, Motivational Interviewing and Diabetes, Weight Neutral Diabetes Care, and Disordered Eating and Diabetes.
  • Q: I am torn and don't know which coaching program to choose. A: If you visit WN4DCSymposium.com and click on the coaching options, you will find a flowchart to help you.
  • Q: I want to sign up for all of them! A: You can enroll in more than one coaching program, however new coaching programs will be added each Trimester.
  • Q: Why are some single and double sessions? A single coaching session typically balances practicing skills and acquiring knowledge where a double coaching session focuses on offering support and deepening existing skills.
  • Q: What if I have an emergency, and I need to miss a coaching session? A: The coaching sessions are intended to be live. For a coaching session to work, you have to commit to attending, but life happens. Coaching wants to support you and create a group where we learn. These two goals are being balanced. Your group may decide to record specific sessions to assist individuals within the group.
  • Q: I am interested in the Motivational Interviewing and Diabetes Coaching session, but it says I need to take a 2-3 day MI course. A; That is correct. The coaching program will not be useful if you haven't already had formal training in MI. This coaching session is designed for practicing the micro-skills of MI. The WN4DC Symposium offers two options for you to get MI training. These include the Mini-counseling course and the WN4DC Symposium Counseling Track. The following professionals also provide weight neutral MI training, Ellen Glovsky, Molly Kellogg, Dawn Clifford, and Susan Dopart.
  • Q: I am interested in the Mindful Eating and Diabetes session. Does this come with a discount to any of the WN4DC Symposium tracks? A: No. The Mindful Eating and Diabetes does not include any specific discounts.
  • Q: I work in a diabetes clinic. I don't think I see many people with disordered eating, so I wonder why you are offing it? A: Disordered eating touches many people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Current estimates are up to 40%, with diabetes have disordered eating. This would be about 11 million people impacted. The most common form of disordered eating is binge eating disorder. Many professionals are not familiar with this eating disorder and therefore, cannot recognize it in a clinical setting. The Disordered Eating and Diabetes Coaching session will explore how to recognize the signs and symptoms of DEB-D.
  • Q: What is the Weight Neutral Diabetes Care Coaching program? A. There are two options to consider. One is a shorter, eight-week program that will help you acquire information, tools, resources, and practice new skills and weight neutral nutritional counseling techniques. The double session, which spreads the coaching blocks through the year, will provide you with resources and support to advance your current understanding of weight neutral diabetes care.
  • Q: Will missing a coaching session decrease the CPE? A: If you miss a coaching session and it wasn't recorded, for you to listen to later, this will impact the number of CPE provided.
  • Q: Are the community coaching sessions recorded? A: Yes. These sessions are both live and recorded

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