Working in diabetes care means you get a lot of questions, so we wanted to talk about the four most common medication questions and how to answer them without pathologizing the body.

Q. Why are diabetes medications necessary?

A. The client is wanting to understand the underlying pathophysiology of diabetes, specifically exploring the 11 core defects associated with type 2 diabetes. The defects are far more complicated than many people realize, so take your time explaining them.

Q. If I lose weight, can I cure diabetes?

A. This question highlights many desires, including the hope that diabetes might have a cure. That diabetes is understandable or 'simple.' That there is something that the client can do to improve the situation and finally, the desire for autonomy.

Hearing these desires and understanding the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes can help you navigate your reply. Using a patient-centered approach would require you to resist the urge to explain diabetes and instead ask about what the client has heard. It might sound like, "What have you heard about weight loss and diabetes." If you aren't sure about the research surrounding curing diabetes, please check out the ebook, Diabetes Reversal: Exploring the Research Behind the Headlines

Q. Will insulin will make my diabetes worse?

A. Many people with diabetes are using old information about medication and have unspoken fears about insulin. Talk with the client about the different types of insulin, and insulin combination medications that are now on the market.

Q. How do I know if the medication is working?

A. Evaluating the effectiveness of a medication change is easier if you have a plan in place, and you communicate this plan to your client. If you are looking for guidance regarding how to do this, Megan Muñoz, RN, MSN, CMSRN, CDCES, has developed an easy to use, 3-step approach to medication evaluation. This is available in her course Medication: The Missing Piece in Weight Neutral Diabetes Care Course

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