"How do I help my patients overcome concerns about needing or using medications?" Is a question I'm asked all the time, explains Megan Muñoz, RN, MSN, CMSRN, CDCES, a master's level trained nurse and creator of Medications: The missing piece in weight neutral diabetes care course. "I understand that not everyone has had as much training about how to adjust medication." Muñoz explains, "All healthcare professionals need to help clients understand the reason behind medications for optimal health and blood sugar control. Unfortunately, the messaging surrounding blood sugar is misleading and stigmatizing because it suggests that clients can achieve ideal blood sugar control with just diet and exercise. In the vast majority of cases, this simply isn't true!"

Here is a short video where Megan explains the Trailing Technique

Understanding the issues surrounding why medications are often declined or rejected is complex. A recent study, published in February 2020, found that over 42% of patients rejected insulin when prescribed! The reasons were varied, but the outcome of rejecting insulin was clear - higher blood sugar, clinical inertia, and worse outcomes.

Megan's passion for this topic is evident, "I want to help professionals feel confident about evaluating medications and empowering them to help client's overcome these barriers." She created the Trialing Technique approach to introducing medication. "It makes it easier to discuss using medications with clients, and can even be applied to other self-care behaviors!" The four-step process outlines how to obtain permission, start a medication, gather evidence, and follow up on the experience. "This client-centered approach has worked beautifully for me, and I am excited to share it with other professionals."The Trailing Technique

The Trialing Technique is just one activity explained in the Medications: The missing piece in weight neutral diabetes care course, which is a 5-CPE self-paced, online program offered by The WN4DC Symposium. The course is on sale April 1-17 for $69. April 18-June 30, $100, and starting July 1, the course will be $125. It includes over 16 professionally designed handouts and other bonus features including a free ebook, Diabetes Reversal: Exploring the Research Behind the Headlines