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How can you address health inequity caused by the complex nature of weight bias and weight stigma, trauma, and oppression? The IDC program offers five distinct tracks that layer learning.

  1. Inclusive Diabetes Care is the first track. It forms the vision of the organization. Exploring the concept of inclusion helps shift a person’s identity to the felt sense of belonging to a racially diverse group that stands in solidarity supporting all bodies impacted or at risk of diabetes.  
  2. The Health Equity in Diabetes Care track creates the goal for this program while helping to uncover the hidden barriers faced by individuals with or at risk of diabetes. Humanizing the need for ease begins to unlink the many rights people with diabetes, and elevated blood sugar have been denied. Helping clients experience a felt sense of ease and sustainability is the next step in this five-track program. 
  3. Understanding Trauma begins a four-part process that expands understanding while creating the felt sense of being seen and heard. 
  4. The Counseling track shifts diabetes care from knowledge to connection, helping professionals deepen their non-judgmental, inclusive communication skills. This complex task is practiced with multiple layers of support and as you engage in coaching and small group discussion over the 11-month program, skills are mastered. Learn how to humanize your knowledge-driven educational sessions to offer a patient-centered therapeutic experience. 
  5. The final track works to strengthen the prevention, identification, reduction, and treatment of disordered eating and coping. It is accomplished by offering a Disordered Eating and Coping track which includes understanding the interdependent role of the individual and the community. Completing this final track fosters the client and professional in identifying and engaging in a felt sense of kind/wholesome self-care.

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Option 1 - The IDC certificate program is the first of its kind health equity training program that uses a combination of self-paced education, a private community environment, and peer and small group coaching over an 11-month period of time. The learning process is layered into five areas to help professionals like yourself deepen their understanding of inclusive diabetes care.

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