Enroll in the Inclusive Diabetes Care Certificate

The certificate program will provide you with the support you need to obtain your Inclusive Diabetes Care certificate. Once you become a member of the Inclusive Diabetes Care program you can apply for the Certificate program.

Scholarships are available biannually in Dec/January and May.

Scholarship for the IDC Certificate

Scholarships to the Inclusive Diabetes Care membership and certificate program are available bi-annually, in Dec/January (for February start) and May (for June start). 

To apply for the IDC Certificate Scholarship please complete the scholarship application. 

All scholarship recipients will be provided IDC Membership, the full coaching program, and additional support to complete the certificate.  


Congratulations! Here is HOW you will complete the IDC Certificate. 

Step 1: Learn more about the IDC Certificate Program by reviewing the learning objective and certificate requirements

Step 2: Join Inclusive Diabetes Care and become a member

Step 3: Enroll in the IDC Certificate program. Just being a member is not enough, you must state your intention to obtain the IDC Certificate. (Enrollment is opening May 1-June 13, 2022)

Step 4: Enjoy learning about Inclusive Diabetes Care by watching our amazing presenters. Then dig deeper by completing the reflective questions. Join us in our committed community for the live coaching, then share your thoughts, experiences, and insights in the private community!

Step 5: Complete the final exam.