WN4DC Symposium

Supporting ALL BODIES in diabetes care

Five Ways to Make Diabetes Care Worse

If you are like many healthcare professionals, it may be hard to imagine how encouraging small weight change, as little as 10%, could backfire when it comes to improving blood sugar control. However, more and more research is showing that weight-centered cures are not sustainable in the...


Shamed at the Doctor’s Office

Shamed at the Doctor’s Office Written by Hannah Martin Have you ever had a client say they felt uncomfortable, embarrassed or even humiliated by another healthcare professional? Perhaps they’ve shared a story that elicits shame without even knowing they experienced shame. Shame is a painful...


Weight Neutral Care of Patients with Both Diabetes and Eating Disorders

Weight Neutral Care of Patients with Both Diabetes and Eating Disorders By Amy E. Reich Dr Jennifer Gaudiani is one of the presenters in the Disordered Eating Track of the Weight Neutral for Diabetes Symposium ( WN4DC Symposium). Her passion for weight inclusive care for patients with Type 1...


The Weight of Stigma and Inequality

Oli Williams, Ph.D., is somewhat unique among most of the other speakers in the Weight Neutral 4 Diabetes Care Symposium. He’s not a health professional, and he uses the term ‘obesity’ more freely than most are used to hearing in a weight-neutral space. But I was reminded by his talk that...


O.A.R.S- a Tool to Improve our Listening Skills

When rowers are in competition, the most valuable asset they possess are their oars. The oars help them move along the river and keep the boat balanced. What do oars have to do with becoming a better healthcare provider with patients with diabetes? Oars or “O.A.R.S” can help practitioners...