11 Tools for Professionals Using Weight Neutral Diabetes Care

Looking for some resources to make it easier to talk about weight neutral diabetes care? While this isn't an exhaustive list, these eleven will get you started!

  1. Not sure where to start your journey? Consider the book Diabetes Counseling and Educational Activities: Helping clients without harping on weight, which outlines 14 activities to help talk about diabetes without reinforcing diet culture.
  2. Professionals can grab a ton of resources at Am I Hungry: Mindful Eating programs. This handout includes Simple Tips for Meal Planning Using the Diabetes Plate.
  3. The Center for Mindful Eating has many resources available - including a New Certificate in Mindful Eating, which includes a module on chronic illnesses.
  4. The professional course Medication: The Missing Piece in Weight Neutral Diabetes Care is on sale for 30% off with 30PILLS coupon
  5. WN4DCFacebook Group - This is a professional page where professionals in diabetes care practice and explore the spirit of HAES.
  6. Type 2 And You with Meg Podcast - Megan Munoz does a great job exploring many topics in diabetes care, with a HAES spirit and positive attitude.
  7. If you are looking for a book to give to patients about diabetes that is weight neutral, I would recommend Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat with Diabetes. This book offers a clear, start to finish explanation of diabetes care and mindful eating.
  8. Self Care for Diabetes is a joint project between Rebecca Scritchfield RDN and Glenys Oyston, RDN, and it is for clients. It is an in-depth membership program.
  9. Sweet Support Podcast - this is a 12-episode podcast that is for your clients to explore the joys and challenges of fitting diabetes care into your life.
  10. WN4DC.com website is a HAES site that offers tons of resources and short 10-15 minute courses for clients starting to question diet culture.
  11. The 2021 WN4DC Symposium theme is "Connecting the Dots: How Weight Neutral Diabetes Care Reduces Health Inequity." It is offered in a guided, self-paced, dynamic online training that explores the value and impact of weight-neutral diabetes care.