Weight Neutral Diabetes Care

By Holly Paulsen

You may have a good understanding of the importance of Weight Neutral Care and agree that there is a better way than focusing on weight to manage diabetes. But do you feel like you have the tools you need to successfully implement this approach with your clients? Longing for more information and practical applications to deepen your knowledge of Weight Neutral Diabetes Care?

How Does Weight Neutral Care Help?

Weight neutral diabetes counseling focuses on guiding the client toward positive behaviors they can control. Clients often come into appointments for diabetes care feeling defeated and hopeless, thinking weight loss is the only ‘solution’. Weight neutral care empowers the client to take charge of consistently taking medications, attending appointments, enjoying physical activity as able, and approaching monitoring blood sugars with curiosity rather than judgment. We can provide diabetes education through ‘gentle nutrition’-- without an emphasis on overly restrictive eating plans or eliminating favorite foods. Weight neutral care is compassionate care, evidence-based care and it works!

You Have Heard Your Clients Say:

  • I know I need to lose weight to lower my blood sugar
  • Food and eating feel like a chore; I don’t enjoy food anymore
  • My neighbor (sister, uncle, dentist, etc.) told me I should be following the keto diet for my diabetes, I’m not sure what to do
  • I’m so tired of counting carbohydrates and watching my weight
  • I feel like a failure, I can’t lose weight

Validating our client’s desires for weight loss and navigating those conversations can be challenging. Many health care providers haven’t had the opportunity to practice difficult or challenging counseling scenarios like those listed above. This is why the WN4DC Symposium created.

The WN4DC Symposium offers in-depth courses, weight neutral coaching and the 2021 WN4DC Symposium.

Learn more at www.wn4dcsymposium.com